Welcome at Agathos and Atlas, growth by technology

Agathos B.V. in the Netherlands and Atlas SRL in Italy are two sister companies delivering high quality seed technology to the seed industry. We deliver a total package of services for your seeds; starting from disinfection to pelleting. Besides these services, we are supplier of our own line of polymers, called “EasyPol” and other coating materials, both inside and outside Europe.
We are two young and innovative companies who want, together with you, the seed companies, suppliers and the growers, to achieve the best result per square meters for your crop. We help grow your crop with our techniques. Our goal is to become one of the main seed technology companies in the world.

To achieve this goal, we work following these values:

  • Provide a high quality product for fair prices.
  • A fast and flexible service with a fast delivery time.

With our products and services, we serve the following markets:

  • Horticulture, for which we provide reliable service in the field of seed technology, particularly for vegetables.
  • Agriculture, whom we provide with polymers and coating material.

To serve these markets properly, we are focussed on innovative methods and the newest techniques to keep improving our products and services.

For more information about our organisation, click here. Find out more information about our products and services in our catalogue.



Agathos BV is located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, in the middle of Western Europe. Within 300 Km around Aalten, 60 million consumers are living with a high demand for fresh and safe food.


Atlas SRL is located 40 km south of Milano, in the middle of the Po-valley, North Italy. Traditionally, this is an area for agricultural and horticultural production with many seedcompanies in a short distance.

According to MarketsandMarkets.com, the global seed treatment market may worth $8.87 billion by 2020. To be a player in this large and competitive market, one needs vision, management and investment.

At Agathos and Atlas we are close to both seedcompanies and farmers. Today’s cost of seeds and other inputs, make it essential to make each seed germinate and to make use of its maximum potential.

While seedcompanies are merging and grow bigger and bigger, new seedcompanies are entering the market, specialising in niche markets or crops. Agathos and Atlas can serve both type of customers, out of our 2 locations, or via one of our partners. In case you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.