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At Agathos Seedtechnology, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to the international seed industry. Based in the Netherlands, we service seed companies in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


Agathos is a young and innovative company, committed to optimizing crop yield by optimizing plantability, germination and plant protection in the field. Our mission is driven by our core values


• Offering high-quality products at fair prices.
• Providing reliable and flexible services with quick delivery times.
• Catering to both Conventional and Organic markets through SKAL / FiBL registered products and protocols.

Achieving a uniform distribution in the field.

Ready to use Colourants with good fluidity that guarantees a smooth coverage of seeds and pellets.

Field with vegetables in summer
About us

Agathos and Atlas, growth by technology

With a focus on innovation and the latest techniques, we cater to the following markets:

To serve these markets effectively, we continuously seek innovative methods to enhance our products and services.

We accommodate both large and small batches, ensuring personalized attention to your seed.

Most of our products are available for organic agriculture. Additionally, all pellet types, priming and seed coating Colourants are registered under Skal (NL-BIO-01): 108434.

EasyPol – Seed Coating Colourants

Explore Agathos’ EasyPol, the premier seed coating Colourants designed for professional use across various seed coating applications.

All seed coating Colourants are available in four standard colours: Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Additionally, we offer a diverse range of special colours, including turquoise, orange, brown and various shades from light to dark.

Our Colourants come in both conventional formulations and microplastic-free alternatives for environmentally-conscious applications.

Our services



Elevate the quality and value of your seedlot by implementing essential upgrading techniques to discern vigorous seeds from low-quality ones. Agathos offers several services, including EasyDense (Liquid Density Grading) and EasyGrade (calibration and windgrading).


Priming is a vital process that eliminates dormancy in seeds, accelerating seedling emergence and enhancing productivity for nurseries and growers alike. At our facility, we specialize in removing Thermo- and Photo dormancy, ensuring your seeds germinate swiftly and uniformly.


Pelleting seeds ensures uniform size and shape, facilitating easier sowing without affecting seed germination. Our Easy-line offers a variety of pellets tailored to a number of crops. All pellet types are suitable for the organic market, and certified under SKAL / FiBL registration.


Discover our Seed Coating Colourants, available in an extensive array of vibrant colours and specialized formulations. Designed to meet the specific needs of various markets, our products deliver exceptional value by enhancing opacity, providing a lustrous shine, and ensuring superior effectiveness.


Our cutting-edge colourant, enriched with beneficial plant extracts and micro-organisms, is specifically designed to boost plant establishment in the field. These powerful biologicals deliver a comprehensive range of ingredients that improve germination, enhance the rhizosphere, and ultimately increase your harvest.


Do you need help or advice about Seedtechnology? Contact us to discover how we can assist you. We provide comprehensive support, from equipment installation to optimizing usage for maximum effectiveness. Let our expertise help you achieve the best results.